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The VEO International Festival makes its annual February return from Wednesday, 14th to Sunday, 25th infected by a revolutionary virus. The main symptom of this pathology is a programme thought up by non-conformists, fleeing from conventional spaces in search of effervescent artistic experiences. Valencia Escena Oberta, a daring Project of the VEO Foundation of the Youth Council of Valencia Town Council, has managed to break with theatrical frontiers and labels over a four year period. This makes five. The event of ANTONOMASIA of the scenic arts is back to change traditional concepts, to modify the usual artistic languages and burst the neurons of  a mostly young public.

Levity II is housed in Tramo 9 on the River Turia, patronised by La Caixa. Architects of Air build and exhibit the LUMINARIA designed by Alan Parkinson, monumental facilities of translucid vinyl formed by tunnels and laberynths in the interior of which visitors have total mobility. Levity II is inspired by the beauty of geometry and traditional Islamic architecture and its surface has been modulated to form domes within a space of 800 square metres. Since 1992, Architects of Air have received more than a million visitors and have toured 34 countries in the five continents.

Sunlight filtering through the special plastic of the structure creates a luminosity, a range of colours and a characteristic and unique  brightness within the structure. The materials are specially manufactured for Architects of Air and each one of the pieces that make up the structure are sewn and glue by artisans in our Nottingham workshops.

Text source: VEO Foundation & Architects of Air.

The images have been taken thanks to the collaboration of the VEO Foundation and Architects of Air without which it would have been impossible to reproduce them here.

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